Saving The Seed - A Documentary Film

Saving the Seed, a documentary film, explores the struggles of rural farmers in Honduras to control their food supplies and livelihoods. The film highlights one organization’s pioneering model for rural community development.

The Story

Besides a brief cry of indignation from world leaders during the coup d’état of July 2009, for decades Honduras has rarely made the news. But around the globe there is renewed interest in food security and, as the planet heats up, this small republic in Central America offers a rare lesson in resilience. 

Saving the Seed presents an intimate portrait of a dedicated team of farmers- scientists in the hillsides of Honduras who are on the frontlines of climate change research and adaptation. In a country still dominated by big, cash-crop plantations, the film gives us unique access to the personal stories and daily lives of farmers succeeding on marginal lands. Most importantly, it documents a new approach to rural development that is putting the right to self-determination back in the hands of farm families. Whether it’s corn, beans, or rice, the secret to a strong food system is simple: saving the seed.

Saving the Seed was made by two students at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Scott Turner and Claire Kane Boychuk. Original soundtrack to by Graeme Bousada.

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